Season 1

Episode 1

Join Craig , Russ, Anna and Tiffany from Slightly Unusual , The Comedy Illusionists. On this weeks episode Craig and Russ interview the resident illusionist at Alton Towers - Sam Leeds. They set him a challenge which you have to see to believe. Also on this weeks show Craig starts the 'Fire Starters Challenge', taking tricks off the DVD 'Fire starters' and seeing if he can use them to pick up women. Will he succeed in getting a girls phone number or will he crash and burn!

On top of all this the girls of Slightly Unusual challenge the boys to a 'magic off' to determine which gender is superior. On Russell's review Craig tries to convince Russell that 'Gone' by Daniel Bryan is the best trick ever! We hope you enjoy episode 1 of Magic & Mayhem.

Episode 2

Craig, Anna, Tiffany and Russell return for another episode of magic and just general stupidity. This week the illusionists challenge continues as the girls challenge the boys to take on their role in the show - it's disastrous results. On Russell's review Craig gets technological as he performs a Mentalism routine with nothing more than I borrowed iPad. The Fire Starters Challenge continues as Craig tries once again (and probably fails) to get a girls phone number using nothing more than a pack of cards and his own charisma!

Sam tries once again to impress the general public with magic you could find in a cracker and finally Russell teaches a really simple trick that will blow people away. Can you really of ford to miss this second episode?

Episode 3

Join award winning illusionists and close up magicians Slightly Unusual as they venture out onto the mean streets of Lichfield to blow people away with their unique brand of magic and Mentalism. This week the girls challenge the boys to see has the better confidence - this has to be seen to be believed! Craig and Russ also test out The Divers Lung Test and almost get beaten up in the process!

Sam continues to crash and burn as he tries to prove the you can be a professional magician with nothing more than a Marvin's Magic Set! Finally Craig tries to convince Russ that one of his favourite tricks is simply awesome! All this and lots more on episode 3 of Magic & Mayhem.

Episode 4

Can you believe we are already half way through the season? Corporate and wedding illusionists and magicians Slightly Unusual are back with another dose of strangeness! On this weeks show Craig has a plan to make sure he wins the Fire Starters challenge but the question is will it work? Russ teaches another amazing trick that you can use to blow away your friends and family. Also buckle up your seat belts as on this weeks episode

Tiffany and Anna and Craig and Russ go head to head in a Dance Off. Who will win two athletic girls you are used to dancing in public or Craig and Russ? Tune in this week to find out (although we are pretty sure you can guess!!). Kick back and enjoy episode 4

Episode 5

We are nearing the end the season with this, the penultimate episode of Magic & Mayhem. However once again the Slightly Unusual team will bring you the very best in magic and sleight of hand for your entertainment pleasure. On Russell's Review Craig performs a trick from a very underground magician that he thinks is the best card trick he has ever seen! In the illusionists challenge the girls challenge the boys to perform an illusion the the the middle of a busy high street!

On top of this Craig continues to try and get a girls phone number using magic (why hasn't he given up now!) and Sam continues to make a fool of himself all over the internet. So kick back, relax and enjoy Episode 5 of Magic & Mayhem.

Episode 6

The final episode of season 1 of Magic & Mayhem is now here. Join multi award winning close up magicians and illusionists Slightly Unusual as they perform magic in their own unique style. On this final episode Craig has one last chance to get a girls phone number - will he actually manage it this time? The buys have set the final challenge to the girls this week and they believe that it is a challenge that there is no way they can lose!

On Russell's Review the tables are turned as Russell performs a trick for Craig and it's the best trick Craig has ever seen. Finally Sam has a plan to win the Marvin's Challenge but will it actually work this week? All this and more in this jam packed final episode so put the kettle on, relax and enjoy the final episode!

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