Magic Mayhem Frequently Asked Questions

Magic & Mayhem Comedy & Illusion

What is Magic & Mayhem?

Magic and Mayhem is a brand new web-show which combines magic, sleight of hand, comedy and general stupidity. Every episode the tea, perform magic, take part I'm crazy challenges and look at the wonderful world of magic

Who is the show aimed at?

Anyone interested in magic. Whether you are a professional magic, an amateur or someone that just enjoys watching magic this show is for you. The content of the show is designed to appeal to everyone

Who produces the show?

The show is produced by Slightly Unusual Ltd which is the trading name of the illusion act 'Slightly Unusual'

Who are Slightly Unusual?

Slightly Unusual are a multi award winning illusion act that perform up and down the UK. Slightly Unusual offer close up magic and stage shows at corporate functions, private parties and weddings. They have won numerous awards and in 2013 The Stage Newspaper described the act as "The Speciality Act of the Decade"

Who are the members of Slightly Unusual?

The are numerous members of the act. However Craig Petty, Tiffany Leeds, Anna Leeds, Sam Leeds and Russell Leeds are the members that also star in and scripted Magic & Mayhem.

How many episodes of Magic & Mayhem are there?

There are six episodes in the first season. A second season of six episodes is planned for later in 2015 with perhaps a Christmas Special.

How can I book Slightly Unusual to perform at my event?

Good question! Firstly you can visit the main website for the act which is located at Here you will find literally hundreds of videos showcasing what the act is capable of. Secondly you can fill out the enquiry form and you will be send an email with confirmation of availability as well as a quote for your event. Be warned Slightly Unusual are constantly in demand so it is advised to book early.

How can I learn more about magic?

We are glad you enjoyed the show! Russell teaches some simple tricks in season one so the first option would be to watch the shows and you can learn some tricks straight away. However we would also like to teach you a lot more. If you submit your name and email address in the form under the 'Learn Magic' tab we will send you a free video every month. Each video will go straight into your email inbox. You will get personal instruction from the Magic & Mayhem team teaching you how to do magic with cups, balls, coins, cards and lots more besides! Before you know it you will be a master magician as well!

I heard rumours there was an online shop?

The Magic & Mayhem team have released over 30 DVDs and books on the subject of close up magic. By summer 2015 these will be available to buy along with other magic tricks we can recommend. Keep watching the website the online shop will open soon and then you can begin your journey to being a master magician.

Where can I watch the show?

Obviously on this website or by subscribing to the Slightly Unusual YouTube channel.

How do I keep up to date with what you are up to?

Simply sign up to spur newsletter and we will keep you up to date with everything happening with Slightly Unusual, Magic & Mayhem and more. Plus anyone who does subscribe gets a free gift as soon as they sign up!

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