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Learn Magic

Would you like to be a master magician? The members of Magic & Mayhem are considered the among the best magicians in the UK. Craig and Russ have lecture red up and down the UK teaching magicians how to perform magic. As a duo they have released over 30 instructional DVDs and books on the subject of close up magic specifically for magicians to purchase.

By Summer 2015 there will be an on line shop on this website. This will sell the products that Slightly Unusual have released available to buy at a discounted rate. Whether you are amateur or a professional there will be someone for everyone. However if you are a beginner and genuinely interested in magic then we would like you to be able to learn some simple tricks without spending a penny.

All you have to do is simply fill in the form below with you name, email address and where in the UK you live. You will immediately be entered into our free video tutorial campaign. Basically every month you will be sent a video direct to your inbox. This video will be showcase a simple trick that you can learn straight away. There will be a live performance by one of the Magic & Mayhem team followed by a complete explanation of how the trick works. We promise that as soon as you watch this video you will be performing the trick within minutes. We will send you a video every month teaching you stacks of different tricks with cards, coins, string, cups, balls and more.

Once you have learnt loads of different tricks if you want to learn more advanced tricks head over to our online shop and then you can take you magic to the next level.

However for now simply enter your details into the form below and we will send you your first video within two hours. So what are you waiting for? There is no catch, enter your details today!

The Magicians

ABOUT Magic Mayhem

This show is aimed at lovers of magic. Whether you are a professional magician, an amateur magician or even someone who knows nothing about performing magic but enjoys watching then this show is for you. We have tried to include something for everything - we even teach a couple of simple magic tricks so you can learn hero to fool your mates or win a drink or three. Every week we review a magic trick that has been released for sale to the magic community.

On top of that the team will take part in crazy, often dangerous but always stupid, challenges designed to test which of the team is the very best. If you have always wanted to find out if you can pull girls with magic or whether you could be a professional magician with just a Marvin's Magic set then this show is for you. So kick back relax, load up an episode and enjoy Magic & Mayhem.

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